Enterprise Mail Handler (JEMH) for Jira SERVER

Provides Enterprise mail handling for your Jira

The Jira Enterprise Mail Handler plugin, provides comprehensive mail processing and routing for your Jira!

JEMH for Jira

The Enterprise Mail Handler for Jira provides comprehensive mail processing and routing, blacklisting, custom notifications and much more!

Please CHECK! Server vs DataCenter Jira? Your Jira edition matters! From 1 SEP 2018, JEMH supports new DataCenter licensing for apps through Atlassian Marketplace only. Licenses issued here and through sales@thepluginpeople.com are for Server editions of JEMH only, and are not usable in DC editions of JEMH released after 1 SEP 2018.

Licensing requirements JEMH licensing requires you to have an exact 'Organisation Name' match with the JIRA license, as well as appropriate serverId. To minimise delay in getting JEMH up and running due to transcription errors, please install the JEMH plugin and use the Licensing form to request a 30day license. This automated method ensures required information is passed without errors!

NOTE! If you are using Jira Service Desk (JSD), be aware that JEMH User licenses support a graduated number of JSD Agents. E.g. the 500 user license support up to 100 Agents, 10K users is required for >250 JSD Agents. See JSD Agent to User mapping on the Licensing wiki.

Please note: Failure to provide required information will stop key generation!

Maintenance / Upgrades Only new purchases for Jira Server are handled on e-junkie. All DataCenter licensing is done through Atlassian Marketplace. All Server licensees wishing to continue their maintenance (50% current license tier/year) or upgrade should contact sales@thepluginpeople.com to get a quote (see the Licensing link below for costs).
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